About the Brand:

At Talenox, our vision is to design systems for people first. We pride ourselves on creating products that are delightful to use. Since our inception, we have continuously striven to make Human Resource functions such as running payroll and managing employee leave easier. With an easy-to-use, self-serve platform, anyone — even non-HR professionals — can use our online software to run their business more efficiently.

About the Affiliate Program:

Affiliates work closely with us on the Marketing front. We share resources to perform co-marketing activities several times a year to achieve greater brand visibility, or to promote specific marketing campaigns by leveraging on each others’ networks. Some examples include guest blogging and co-hosting of events.

We recognize that lead generation effort that use high-value inbound marketing techniques and targeted outbound marketing efforts are critical to the successful growth of a progressive company. Talenox is always looking out for similar brands to work with. We understand the importance of co-branding so as to mutually build new audiences.


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