About the Brand:

At we all come to work everyday with a singular thought in our mind- How to make things simpler yet advanced, business focussed yet User-Friendly & strive to be Agile yet reach the masses.
It’s this thought that helps us be the “The No.1 Jobsite For Freshers in India” and makes us move forward. ALWAYS. is NO.1 job Portal for freshers hiring in India with a database of over 1 Crore+ resumes. More than 3 Lakh+ resumes are added every month from entry level graduates across the country. 

About the Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliation program is a smart earning plan launched by first time for its affiliate members.
  • An affiliate member now can earn referral remuneration , whenever a fresher visits through an affiliate member and makes a registration through us and confirm their email account verification.
  • It facilitates to earn as much as you can being in home, universities and work etc. It is all about Peer networking, Loyalty and leadership. It is based on the informal form of bonding and dynamics.
  • Any Affiliate member of freshersworld can use it to introduce their peer with and can earn as much they want by getting freshers registered with us.


An Affiliate member will get upto Rs 25 per New freshers registration.

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