Fantasia Fondant

About the Brand:

We are confident that Fantasia Fondant will bring unprecedented value to cake decorators across the spectrum, from the home baker to established bakeries to the celebrity cake designers.

We are excited that all dessert chefs can now use Fantasia Fondant to decorate their works of art with confidence and achieve their desired results with ease. Fantasia Fondant was designed to be pliable, not dry quickly, be elastic and extensible in order to allow a cake decorator to create custom pieces of art with ease and with no time limits.

Pleasant taste and smell are also very important for anyone who eats cake and Fantasia Fondant smells like dessert and has a “home made” fondant taste.

Other useful attributes of Fantasia Fondant are that it is humidity resistant, its colors do not fade and it can be rolled extremely thin… thinner than any other fondant.

We launched Fantasia Fondant at LA COOKIE CON 2016 during our 1st trade show and the rest, as they say, is history.

We enjoyed meeting every single person who came by our booth and will never forget to watch them fall in love with our product as much as we did. Attendees truly appreciated the mild vanilla and marshmallow taste without being overwhelmingly sweet.

We were grateful and unabashedly proud that Fantasia Fondant surpassed the expectations of both professional cake designers and amateurs alike with its unprecedented qualities.

We love waking up in the morning and reading all the positive comments on our social media pages about a baker’s new experience with Fantasia Fondant.


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