About the Brand:

EquityNet started in 2005 as a small company based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. From the beginning, we believed we had the opportunity to help businesses grow and raise money from investors in a totally new way.

We believe the true opportunity in empowering entrepreneurs is not just to grow a business but to unlock the human spirit, which is the most powerful driver of positive change in the world. That’s why empowering cannot just mean raising capital. It means giving a damn.

About the Affiliate Program:

We are currently recruiting affiliates who are actively looking to grow their revenue by promoting our EquityNet brand. Making money as an EquityNet affiliate is a snap.

We will provide you an ad and tracking URL that links to EquityNet’s entrepreneur registration page. You can then place that ad and link on your website. Visitors from your website are automatically tracked and if they make a purchase.


You receive 20% of any revenue generated for 1 year. EquityNet will mail you a check and accounting report after each quarter.

You can also earn a 20% commission from manual referrals of volume customers such as incubators, SBDCs, consultants, service providers, and other business support entities.

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