About the Brand:

Founded in 2004, Cytron provides series of reliable off-the-shelf development boards, electronic modules, mechanical parts, tools, and accessories to assist makers, inventors, and engineers in experimenting with their ideas especially in building robots. All you need to focus on are the advanced functions of your ideas, without worrying about any trivial details! Our main product is our Motor Drivers Series.  

If you wish to further turn your prototypes into commercial products, we can also help in integrating your hardware and/or assembling the PCBA without any hassles, which would drastically help you further expedite your commercialization process.

With this model, together we can create wonderful solutions to improve human life and create a better tomorrow for all of us!

About the Affiliate Program:

Cytron Technologies affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises Cytron Technologies or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. 


The standard commission rate is currently 5%.

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