About the Brand:

Bitbond is the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans. We leverage blockchain technology to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors.

By innovating in the fields of payments and credit scoring, Bitbond makes financial inclusion a reality around the world. All payment transactions on Bitbond are conducted via the bitcoin blockchain. Therefore our service is available worldwide via the internet and is independent of banks.

Bitbond is incorporated in Berlin, Germany and is a fully regulated financial institution with its own license.

About the Affiliate Program:

Participate in Bitbond’s Bitcoin affiliate program and earn bitcoins by referring new users.
There are multiple ways you can do this:

  • Place your affiliate link on your blog or any other website you might have
  • Use one of the provided banners to address a specific audience
  • Mention Bitbond in your newsletter and use your affiliate link
  • Share your affiliate link with your network on social media platforms
  • Invite your friends and acquaintances via email


Earn up to 50% of Bitbond’s origination fee as a commission.

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