About the Brand:

It was on a holiday trip to Mt. Shasta that Jane first shared her dream to leave corporate life behind and begin crafting the finest 100% plant-derived fragrances and scent delivery systems. So in 2005, she and her husband did just that – they planted a small organic lavender farm and opened the Ajne showroom in Carmel, California. And today, Jane continues to develop intoxicating natural perfume and environmental blends for thousands of loyal Ajne clients including some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and businesses, as well as hundreds of film, television and music celebrities. We invite you to join us. Explore and experience the Ajne difference.

About the Affiliate Program:

Ajne Natural Fragrance Co. has an awesome opportunity for Ajne lovers! It’s simple. It’s not multi-level. You don’t need to recruit anyone. Simply copy and place a link on your Facebook, Pinterest, blog, Instagram post, Tweet or email that invites friends to visit our website. Share your experiences or recommendations if you want.  You can even share your commission with your friends if you want. There are some requirements such as disclosures.


When someone clicks your link and purchase, we ship it directly to them and you automatically earn 10 percent commission in cash, Paypal or Ajne dollars – your choice!

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