85% of online advertisers use Real-Time Bidding to buy ad inventory. Seeing this trend, more and more publishers are also adopting RTB to sell their ad inventory. Branmark Infomedia offers Ad Exchange and Real-Time Bidding services to advertisers as well as publishers so that each finds the best business deal. Under the umbrella of Branmark Infomedia, the Publishers get profit increments and advertisers get a range of publishers to choose from to display their ads.

Furthermore, experts at Branmark Infomedia provide a full analysis report and marketing strategy of your website in order to increase the number of visitors. An increased traffic rate on a publisher’s site will draw more advertisers to them for displaying their ads on the publisher’s site, subsequently, increasing the flow of revenue.

Below are some services by BranmarkInfomedia, which is essential for a publisher to flourish:

  • Real-time Bidding and Ad Exchange
  • Web analytics
  • User Experience
  • Ad channels

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